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Quick Guide to Selling Your House for Cash


So you've decided to sell your house for cash. As you may already know, it's the fastest and the simplest way to go about this transaction. The question is, how do you find a real estate cash investor and how do you choose the right one? Aside from the quick and straightforward process, what else should you expect?


First off, you have to know that cash buyers will usually offer you between 65% and 85% of the open market value, or the price your house may sell for within half a year under current market conditions, and if it is excellent shape. Either the buyer or the nominated appraiser undertakes the valuation. You may wonder why a cash buyer's offer is lower. That's because they will shoulder all of the costs of the sale, such as repairs and renovations, appraisal, inspections, and so on. So basically, it will even out if you compute it.


Of course, not all cash buyers are the same, so you have to do a little research before choosing one at You want a company that has a solid background in real estate investment. You'd like to know how long they've been in the industry and what their clients are saying about them. Take time to read online reviews so you can get insights on how dealign with a certain investor might play out for you.


Once you have found a reputable prospect, ask them what they have to offer you. No matter how much you want to sell your house, you still have to make sure that they can give you the services you need, such as inspections, valuabtions, and the like. Again, these are usually free but you still want to confirm this from them. Learn how to sell a house quickly in Houston here!


The valuation process is obviously one of the most crucial parts of the transaction. If you choose a reputable investor, you can expect them to make you a fair offer. Still, you have to research market trends so you understand the factors that affect the pricing of your home. If you think that their offer is too low, you can tell them and explain to them why that is so. As soon as you agree on a price, you can ask them for an estimated timeframe for completing the transaction will be.


Finally, as this is probably your first time to sell to a cash buyer, you'd like to know how much support they can give you throughout the process. Learn more about real estate at